Speaking Engagements

Henry is equally comfortable in church or corporate environment. His experience as an entrepreneur serves as a backdrop to seminars for vision development, conflict resolution, culture branding, leadership training, etc.

He is accustomed to filling in for pastor's vacations or speaking for special events or seminars.

Please do not hesitate to contact us concerning an event at your church.

Seminars and Leadership Training

One of Henry's greatest joys is being able to work with leadership teams in team building, vision clarification, and general leadership training.

Henry's leadership gifts, and ability to impart vision and passion have been affirmed in many varied situations.

"It is my conviction that ministry is more 'caught than taught,' and therefore, demonstration and example are very important. I believe that my highest priority must be to invest my life in those who are influencing others--in a word, LEADERSHIP TRAINING."

These leadership sessions are tailored to your specific situation and needs. Henry would be delighted to discuss your situation. Contact us.